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BBC文化评论联合各主流英文媒体票选 近十年最佳英文小说前三名
Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall (2009)
Mantel’s boldly reimagined saga of 16th Century Europe, told from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell (with Henry VIII as a supporting character), won the Man Booker and National Book Critics Circle awards, was adapted to the stage and has been filmed as a new BBC miniseries. “The brilliance of retelling an oft-told tale is beautifully illustrated in Mantel's flawless examination of power through the rise of Thomas Cromwell,” notes critic Karen R Long. Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times book editor and co-host of Well Read TV, writes: “I have never felt so completely catapulted into a character’s mind, not to mention a long ago and far away place.” Mantel’s sequel, Bring in the Bodies, also gathered votes. (Picador)

希拉里·曼特尔 《狼厅》

曼特尔的《狼厅》透过托马斯•克伦威尔的视角(第二主人公为亨利八世),大胆地重新演绎了欧洲十六世纪的历史故事。小说荣获布克文学奖以及全国书评人协会小说奖,并且已经被改编搬上了戏剧舞台,还拍摄了BBC迷你剧。“曼特尔重新讲述一个耳熟能详故事的才华体现在她通过克伦威尔的崛起,仔细地审视了权力。”评论家Karen R Long这样写道。《西雅图时代》杂志编辑、“好读”电视栏目搭档主持Mary Ann Gwinn写道:“我从未如此深入一个人物的内心,更不用说是那么久远的时代和遥远的地方。”曼特尔此书的续集《提堂》也获得了不少票数。

Edward P Jones, The Known World (2003)
Set in 1855 on the plantation of Henry Townsend – born a slave, now a slave-owner – The Known World is a triumph of empathy, immersing readers in a complex moral time without making simple judgments. Facing an early death, Townsend ponders the future of his 50-acre Virginia plantation and the slaves he treats the way his former owner, now his mentor, taught him. “In my reading, The Known World is the best American novel published in the 21st Century – a stunning work about humans experiencing and surviving American slavery,” notes critic Walton Muyumba, author of The Shadow and the Act. C Max Magee, founder and editor of The Millions writes, “Jones's novel has an epic, complex sweep and takes an unflinching and engrossing view of America's messy history.” (Amistad)


小说《已知世界》的故事背景设置在1855年,位于亨利•汤森的种植园中,汤森本是奴隶,现在成了奴隶主。这部小说成功使用了“移情”手法,使读者沉浸于复杂的道德之中,而非给出简单的判断。汤森在面临早逝威胁时,仔细思考了自己位于弗吉尼亚州的五十英亩种植园和奴隶们的未来,对于这些奴隶们,他按照自己原先的奴隶主(现在是他的导师)教给他的方式对待他们。“《已知世界》是我阅读过的21世纪出版的最好的美国小说,这是一部关于人类经历和美国奴隶制的绝佳作品。”《阴影和行动》(The Shadow and the Act)的作者、评论家Walton Muyumba这样写道。《大众》杂志(The Millions)创办者、编辑CMax Magee写道:“琼斯的小说有一种史诗般的、复杂的结构,他以毫不畏缩且引人入胜的视角展现了美国一段肮脏的历史。”

Junot Díaz, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007)
The winner in this BBC Culture critics’ poll is Junot Diaz’s first novel, about New Jersey ghetto-nerd Oscar, who dreams of being the Dominican-American Tolkien and finding love. It also was named as the number-one book by the most critics. “It is a big deal for me to fall in love with a book when its DNA is science fiction, fantasy and testosterone,” says Elizabeth Taylor, The Chicago Tribune’s literary editor-at-large. “This was only the second book by a Latino author to receive the Pulitzer Prize in fiction,” notes critic and author Rigoberto Gonzalez. “Oscar Wao reaffirmed the strong connections Latinos maintain with their ancestral homeland’s culture, language and history. It also re-energised these questions: Who is American? What is the American experience?” Critic and playwright Gregg Barrios concurs, “Díaz’s deft mash-up of Dominican history, comics, sci-fi, magic realism and footnotes totally rocks. Nerdy Oscar and the book’s macho narrator Yunior resonate as authentically as Roth’s Portnoy, Updike’s Rabbit, Bellow’s Augie or Toole’s Ignatius.” (Riverhead)

本次BBC文化栏目评论家投票第一名是朱诺特.迪亚兹的处女作(《奥斯卡•沃精彩小传》),小说讲述了美国新泽西州贫民区的书呆子奥斯卡的故事,奥斯卡梦想着成为多美尼亚裔美国人中的托尔金并且找到真爱。大部分的评论家都将这部作品选为第一名。“爱上一本本质上属于科幻,充满了幻想和欲望的书对于我而言是一件大事。”芝加哥论坛报文学版特约编辑ElizabethTaylor说道。“这是第二部由拉丁裔作者创作的荣获普利策虚构小说奖的小说。”评论家、作家Rigoberto Gonzalez写道。“《奥斯卡•沃精彩小传》重新确认了拉丁裔族群与他们故乡的文化、语言、历史的紧密联系,小说也再次发问:谁是美国人?什么是美国体验?”评论家、剧作家Gregg Barrios认为,“迪亚兹巧妙的融合了多米尼亚历史,喜剧,科幻,魔幻现实主义以及摇滚元素。书呆子奥斯卡和大男子气概的叙述者尤尼奥尔之间的互动,就像罗斯的波特诺伊,约翰厄普代尔的罗伯特,贝洛的马奇或者图尔的伊格内修斯一样真实。

BBC Culture contributor Jane Ciabattari polled several dozen book critics, including The New York Times Book Review’s Parul Sehgal, Time magazine's book editor Lev Grossman, Newsday book editor Tom Beer, Bookslut founder Jessa Crispin, C Max Magee, founder of The Millions, Booklist's Donna Seaman, Kirkus Reviews' Laurie Muchnick and many more. We asked each to name the best novels published in English since 1 January 2000. The critics named 156 novels in all, and based on the votes these are the top 3.
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